Many free skins from SalarO

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About a dozen free skins are available from SalarO. In order to download the skins, you must register (for free) at SalarO’s site. Then you can go here:

Happy downloading!

Get a free OnyakTech module (MP3 Player or Oseta)


OnyakTech now has a Facebook page where information on new releases, BETA versions and special offers will be posted.  Like the OnyakTech Facebook page to get a free copy of the MP3 Player or Oseta.  
To get your free module...

  1. Go to
  2. Like the OnyakTech page
  3. Post your user name and the module you want for free (MP3 Player or Oseta)
  4. Within 24 hours your account will be updated and you'll have full access to this module from the Members Area on

For details about the MP3 Player, go to
For details about Oseta, go to


Source: DotNetNuke Community Member Announcements

Free Folio skin from Engage



DefaultEngage is giving out one more free skin, Folio. The skin is based on a free wordpress template, Simple Folio created by Slimmity. It uses pure CSS wthout grahics.Fonts are rendered via Cufon, a combination of a text generator and javascript, but you can always remove the sccript from the skin files to revert back to a selectable web safe font. CSS3 is used to create the rounded corners found in this skin. Currently, border radius is supported by Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Internet Explorer users will see squared edges, until the support for border-radius is there (IE9).

For more information and download:

Metro 7 – Free Metro UI DNN Skin


MicrosoftFeed in association with Ali Nawaz Adil is giving away Metro 7, a Windows Phone 7 Metro UI Based DotNetNuke Skin for Free. This theme is absolutely free to use in private and commercial projects.




More info and download here:

A nice collection of free DotNetNuke skins

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freednnskincom is a site dedicated to providing free DNN skins to the public. You will have to register in order to be able to download the skins. At the time of writing, there were 16 free skins available for downloading.

Shoutcasts module

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ShoutcastStats 05.01.00 is available at

ShoutcastStats module renders the statistic data from a Shoutcast broadcasting server into DotNetNuke portals.  These are:

  • Station name
  • Current Listeners
  • Peak Listeners
  • Max Listeners
  • DJ name
  • creating Messenger links to chat with the DJ
  • Current Song on a marquee
  • Bitrate
  • Content-Typ
  • Creating 4 Media Player links to open the clients player

On a 2nd module definition it renders some lists of the Shoutcast servers statistics:

  • Count the view if the XML file
  • List of the connected Listeners with IP, underruns and connected time
  • List of the last played songs (quantity seting up on the Shoutcast server)

Free Advanced Control Panel for DNN 5 (new version)


The latest and greatest version of the FREE Advanced Control Panel for DotNetNuke is here, and you can see the description as well as download it from this link.



This is a control panel replacement for DotNetNuke, which works with DNN 5, and some of its features are:

  • Intelligent saving space using JQuery UI
  • Multiple views (default ribbon style, compact text links, and expandable icon mode)
  • All actions are executed without any page refresh by utilizing AJAX callbacks
  • Mode: switching between View and Edit now with only a single click
  • enter page settings, add new page or delete current page with a click, use context menu for duplicate, import and export
  • add modules allows to create from scratch, copy or reference an existing module. additional information will be queried in a small popup
  • common tasks include Help, our Feedback request and the admin / host menu (permission based)
  • per-user favorites / bookmark menu
You can find more information, as well as other free modules, at